About Me

My Mum always told me that I was 'cutting out paper' while I was still in the pram! I don't quite remember that, but I have always loved cutting and sticking. I had a large stash of cut out fashion paper dolls when I was a girl.

I class myself as a mixed media artist, with collage appearing often in my works throughout the years. Recently though, I have been including it more regularly in my artworks, in a way, becoming more important than the painting. I work in abstract style in an intuitive way, never really knowing where I am going with an artwork – I just let a composition take me where it will.

I have a B.A. (hons) degree in fashion knitwear and spent the 80s and 90s writing knitting patterns for newsstand knitting magazines and yarn companies. Later, I started selling my art online. My paintings hang in many private collections around the world, including celebrities, and have been used for the sets of several TV productions and films.

Some notable events include; 
* Several artworks bought for set of US TV series Mrs Fletcher
* Street Art festival, Surface Gallery Nottingham
* Artwork bought for set of second series BBC's The A Word
* Large commission piece for condo in Sullivan's Island, South Carolina USA
* Artwork commissioned for set of German TV drama, The Watcher.
* Dreams; Hurt Hope & Happiness, Institute of Mental Health Nottingham
* Wall mural Billy Merson music hall star, Malt Cross, Nottingham
* Nine images for new film, The Ninth Life Of Louis Drax.
* Press Article Nottingham Today "Bea's Art heading For Hollywood"
* Artwork purchased for Channel 4 comedy drama Cucumber
* Wit & Whimsy Exhibition, Hopkinsons Gallery, Nottingham
* Press article Hull Daily Mail "Myth & Reality"
* Group exhibition, Triton Gallery, East Yorkshire.
* Artwork selected Ferens Open, Ferens Gallery, Hull
* Permanent exhibitor 2010 - 2012 Seasalt & Passion Gallery